Isuru and Sachini National Champions of Sri Lanka Against

Isuru Alahakoon of Sri Lanka Navy won the National Chess championships for the 2nd consecutive year after a great battle during the 2nd half of the event. It seems that it was one horse race for Prasanna Kurukulasuriya till the penultimate round but he had to quit with his lost to a weaker opponent in the penultimate round. Isuru had confident and played with total will power to finish with 8.5 points out of possible 13. Though he tied with Prasanna and Anuruddha he won the crown with better tie breaker.
The Sri Lanka National and Women’s Chess Championships was conducted by the chess Federation of Sri Lanka from 27th September to 7th of October 2013 at the National Institute of Sports Science, Colombo 7. It was 13round, round robin in both open and women.
Prsanna Kurukulasuriya was unlucky to be the runner up with his performance in throughout the event with after receiving same points, but on tie breaker. Anuruddha’s performance being the most experience to tie with same points as 1st to is should also be appreciated. He was consistence in last few years to be in the National Team.
Akhila Kavinda became 4th with great performance Just having one lost, but with more draws and this is his debut for the National team while Dulan Edirisinghe ma de fifth tying with Akhila with 8 points.
It was WIM, Sachini Ranasinghe who had the most highest performance this year with 12 points out of Possible 13. She only lost to WIM, Nelunika Methmani in the penultimate round to reach the women’s National Crown. This is her 4th Women’s title and the consecutive 3rd.
Nelunika Methmani became 2nd with 10.5 points making sense with her newly received WIM title. She is a great hope for the future Sri Lankan Chess. Shelani De Silva became 3rd on tie breaker after tying with Manisha Gunaratne with 8 points. Shelani’s and Dasuni’s performance as the new players should be appreciated. WFM, Manisha Gunaratne coming to 4th place is also good, but we really expected more from her this year.
By Luxman Wijesuriya
Hony. Secretary - CFSL
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